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Kitchen, Bathroom or Livingroom – Which to Upgrade if you’re Hoping to Sell

Making your property more attractive to buyers is one of the easiest ways to prepare to sell, but where are your efforts put to best use? Well, it will depend on the time you have in advance of putting your property on the market, your overall budget, and which areas of the house are in need of modernisation.

For example, many people opt to make their property more appealing by adding an extension, or converting a garage, basement or loft. If you have the means to do so, you could reap some fruitful rewards by putting these plans in place. However, the easiest and most common ways of sprucing up your home ready to sell are the ones which give your existing space a fresh new look and feel. Let’s start with the living room.

Whether it’s a single sitting room, or an open plan living/dining room, it’s safe to say that this space is one of the most important in the home and, therefore, one that should not be neglected. However, when it comes to refreshing the living area, it is often the most simple room to work with. This is because it is one of the least functional rooms in the house by comparison; it is there to relax, watch TV, read, sit and enjoy some alone time or spend time with friends and family over a cuppa or a glass of wine. So, for the most part, a living room upgrade project won’t usually involve a great deal of upheaval. Modernising a living space could be as simple as refreshing the décor, replacing the window or doors, upgrading the carpeting, and overall giving the room a good clean and tidy. While it is worth the effort to make sure the living space is an attractive feature, we would argue that it may not be top if the list when it comes to prioritising your budget and time. This is based on what we have said thus far: the living space is often the easiest to make your own, and potential buyers will likely be bringing their own style and furnishings with them anyway. Buyers are quite savvy, and would rather opt for a property that has more up-to-date functional rooms as opposed to a newly redecorated living room. So, let’s move onto the two most functional rooms in the home: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Let’s start first with the kitchen. Again, whether or not you want to install a brand new kitchen or simply upgrade the sink and benchtops will depend on your current circumstances. Bear in mind, however, the appeal to buyers who walk into a fully modern, functional and stylish kitchen that they know won’t need an upgrade for a good few years at least. Upgrading your kitchen in order to sell is a smart move, especially if your kitchen units are starting to look old, or the flooring worn. The appeal of a modern kitchen is two-fold to buyers: 1. It looks fresh, stylish and will feel like they are getting a great deal, and 2. A new, modern and fully functioning kitchen is a huge time-saver for the buyer – knowing that no more work needs to be done before they’re able to move in and whip up a meal. Modernising your bathroom will have a similar effect. However, there’s a bonus element when it comes to upgrading your bathroom and that is, the appeal of a little luxury.

While bathrooms are there to serve a very functional purpose, they are quite unique as far as how they appeal to buyers. This is because it is quite easy, during an upgrade, to add a few extra features that will make the home feel more luxurious and in-line with a relaxing spa or hotel stay. This is a big seller. Older, more outdated bathrooms can really put buyers off, especially if they know that, once they move in, they may have to set aside some time and money to upgrade it themselves. But adding extra touches to make your property more attractive to the market can do wonders when it comes to the bathroom. For example, underfloor heating, some stylish up lighting, a modern, stand-alone bath or double shower with a glamourous tiling feature or, you have the budget and the space, adding a whirlpool bath. Don’t forget storage either – you’d be surprised how many bathroom designs neglect useful storage space.

All in all, a good clean, a few new coats of paint and perhaps some attention to your windows and doors can make a world of difference. But, in our book, it’s the more functional rooms that will win over a buyer and adding a little luxury can go a long way.

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