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Losing your precious sleep over choosing a new sofa bed mattress? Buying a sofa bed mattress can be an overwhelming decision. If you want to be happy with your purchase, it is very important to get things right. It does not matter whether you use the upholstery foam every night for sleep or when you have guests sleeping overnight.

The impact on your health and reputation as a host will be at stake. So, to make the right decision choosing the best mattress, we have compiled this step by step guide to ensure that you are considering every detail during the decision making process.

Look for Reviews

The best way that you can get help when choosing upholstery foam online is to see what other customers have to say. Buying wholesale foam mattresses means that you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets than normal.

If you have options narrowed down that interest you, then read reviews to see what other people think about the comfort of those mattresses, the level of satisfaction with the customer service and the delivery process.

Slash out the middleman

The best way to find a good value is to buy factory direct upholstery foam mattresses. This is a good option, especially when purchasing wholesale foam mattresses, because a company that makes its mattresses and ships them direct to customers will have its products priced lower than retail stores.

Additionally, a company’s direct mattresses often have great reviews, and so it’s a win-win situation for you.

Stick to the budget

If you have a budget in mind that you want to spend on an upholstery foam mattresses, you should be able to find a variety in your price range. It is recommended that you buy wholesale foam mattresses in Calgary rather than single piece mattresses to cut on the costs. Once you figure out your best preference along with the desired price point, it is even much easier to find a mattress that meets your desired needs.

Try before you buy

Yes, it might sound awkward, but you can lie down and give the mattress a try before buying.

There is no definite substitute for this step – so curl up or stretch out fully in your favourite sitting/sleeping position, sit up as if you are reading in bed, and sit on the edge of the mattress to get a feel of its firmness.

If you share the furniture with your partner, you can ask them to try it out as well or both of you can try it at the same time.

Ideally, you can spend at least ten or fifteen minutes trying out each foam mattress you are considering. If you plan on purchasing online, you can still visit a brick and mortar shop and give the model you are considering an in-person audition.

While you can do an in-person audition in the store, the real test comes after using the product for some days. That’s why some mattress dealers will give you a ‘comfort trial’, which usually lasts for 30 days. This is the period in which you can return the mattress to the dealer if it doesn’t meet your comfort level.

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