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5 Interior Design Tips for a Brighter Home

Whether you’re looking to re-vamp and refresh your home on a budget or hoping to modify your property as an investment plan – look no further. Here are our five tips to help make your home brighter, less cluttered, more modern and overall more pleasing to live in.

Statement Walls

Changing your décor is one of the most satisfying and simple ways to brighten up your home. What’s great is that you can bring a room alive with minimal effort and at a very affordable price, especially if you’re keen on a little DIY project. Statement walls don’t have to be ‘in your face’ either, it just depends on the statement you’re making. But you will have an endless amount of options to choose from, which makes for access to any statement you wish to make. Whatever the statement, it will open up your room and help it to either ‘pop’ or subtly lighten up to give the illusion of more light or space. It could be a simple block colour, which will take as little as a couple of coats of paint, or you could opt for a single wall in the room to really stand out with a patterned paper. Even a stylish mirror with a striking impact can breathe live into a space. If you’re looking to go all out, you could even add a stylish fireplace, stove or wood-burner with a modern or vintage feel.

Conservatory or Sunroom Extension

Here’s where the investments come in. If you’re really looking to utilise your property to its full potential, and you have the budget for it (which, by the way, can be very affordable and profitable in the future), adding an extension or conversion to the home is an ideal choice. Not only will it give you the luxury of additional space, a sunroom or conservatory can really open up the home and bring more light into the interior. What’s more, the additional space will be a huge incentive for buyers to pay that little bit extra when it comes to putting your home on the market.

Open Plan Modifications

Another project that can really refresh a space is to open up adjoining rooms. For example, the space between a living and dining room. If there is already an opening between the two rooms, it is worth considering how to best utilise the space if you’re hoping for a brighter, more open and light feel to the home. You will need expert help for this style of modification, so shop around and get some quotes.

Storage for More Space

Much like changes to the overall décor, thinking about additional storage in the home can make a huge difference at minimal effort and cost. Examples include stylish and light storage units, built-in units that make for a more modern, simple and tidy look, storage style beds such as the divan, which boasts excellently robust and deep drawers to help you reduce the need for additional clutter and/or side units.


Depending on what you’re looking to ‘say’ with your space, it might be worthwhile investing in a statement piece. Not only will this be a beautiful addition to the space, but a talking point and a future investment too. We’re talking antique ornaments or clocks, impressive art pieces, Persian rugs and/or furniture that adds a unique flavour and character to your home.

Hey, if you’re really keen – why not all of the above?

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